The communications and computer infrastructures are the most important infrastructures for the ongoing activities of your organization. Its activity guarantees the progress and support of your needs and the accessibility to your data systems, so the maintenance is super important.
By using the Softense infrastructures and integrations for large and small organizations you will be getting a comprehensive solution for all your communications and computer requirements according to the different needs of every organization.
The Softense Company employs highly experienced professionals, who have state of the art technological knowledge and skills, to provide the ultimate service on the highest possible level. The integration team has the professional authority to guide the client on all professional issues.

IT services and Integration
• Establishing storage systems and backups including installations and updates
• Characterization and establishing communication networks
• Implementation of progressive and comprehensive communication solutions
• Establishing operating systems, including implementation, updates and licenses
• Installation of work stations and servers
• Implementation of data bases on systems including SQL, Exchange