Focus on writing great software. Let FinalBuilder take care of the build.

Thousands of Software Developers rely on FinalBuilder to automate the build, test and release process.

FinalBuilder – Visual Build Automation

You don’t have to concoct batch files, script or XML to free yourself of manual builds. FinalBuilder provides a better way to automate your build by packaging an extensive library of pre-written scripts into a logically structured graphical interface.

FinalBuilder’s library offers more than 600 pre-written scripts to:

For a complete list of actions in FinalBuilder, see the FinalBuilder Feature Matrix

Continuous Integration Server

FinalBuilder Professional includes a continuous integration server. FinalBuilder’s server centralises build management through a web interface giving you remote control over your build projects.

Access to FinalBuilder Server is included free with every FinalBuilder Professional license. It also uses FinalBuilder as the build engine, so you can run as many build servers as you have FinalBuilder Professional licenses and purchase additional user licenses to provide your team with access.

Learn More About FinalBuilder Server »

Why Automate the Build?

Performing the build process for your software manually is time consuming and error prone. An automated build process provides a number of benefits.


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Shorter Development Cycle

With an automated build process, you can reliably make a build with a single click, removing time consuming errors that occur in manual builds. With continuous integration and scheduled daily builds, you remove integration bottlenecks that occur when less frequently making builds.

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Better Quality Software

Regularly testing your code dramatically improves the quality of your final release. An automated build process is the foundation for regular testing. FinalBuilder supports a number of testing tools for automatically running tests as part of your build process.


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Improved Bus Factor

A manual build creates a steep learning curve for new developers. Automated builds abstract the process so new developers can run a build with a single click. A visual tool like FinalBuilder also presents the build in a way that any member of your team can understand.

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Automated Logging

When a build breaks, debugging a process with a central log is much easier than retracing steps and manually searching the different log files for a number of different tools. FinalBuilder logs the output from all the tools it calls and these logs can be filtered to show only errors.

Why Use FinalBuilder?

Traditionally, batch files, XML and script have been used to automate builds. These methods create a build script that is difficult to maintain, difficult to understand and which suffers from a lack of proper error handling.

A visual build tool with the breadth of functionality of FinalBuilder makes it quick and easy to define, debug, maintain and run a reliable build process.

FinalBuilder will:

  • Save you time – for any substantial software project, automated builds are much quicker than manual builds.
  • Allow anyone in the team to run a build – FinalBuilder is so easy to use, you’ll no longer need a sinle build guru to create, maintain and run your builds.
  • Improve the quality of your releases – FinalBuilder cuts the human error factor substantially by automating tasks and running your tests every time your source code is built.
  • Record what was built and when – FinalBuilder logs the output from every action it performs and tools it calls. Logs from previous builds are archived and can be exported for better record keeping.

Build Automation Articles

Continuous Integration and Automating the Build – Martin Fowler explains Continuous Integration, automating the build process, and outlines other software development best practices.

Daily Builds are your Friend – Joel Spolsky argues why daily builds and an automated build process are so important.

Making Your Automated Build System Work for You – by Adam Kolawa, Co-Founder of Parasoft

The Essential Infrastructure – Mike Gunderloy outlines essential tools to help you deliver robust code on a reasonable schedule.

The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code – Joel Spolsky defines the 12 essentials for a successful software project.  Number 2 is “Can you make a build in one step?”, and number 3: “Do you make daily builds?”

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Feature Tour

Take the Feature Tour to learn more about each of FinalBuilder’s core components.


To explore FinalBuilder for yourself, download the free 30 day evaluation.

Feature Matrix

For a list of all the features in FinalBuilder, and to compare the Standard and Professional editions, see the Feature Matrix.

Build Server Feature Matrix

For a list of all the features in FinalBuilder’s continuous integration server, see the Build Server Feature Matrix

Build Server Demo

Try FinalBuilder’s continuous integration server, without installing it. Check out the Live Demo.

Video Demos

Watch our video demos to learn more about the core FinalBuilder concepts.

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